The students at West are currently busy building a list of questions we'd like to ask of all Weber students and faculty. These questions can be cut and pasted from this page into your own personal biography page. Simply answer the questions as they are.

To all participants: Please answer all of the BASIC INFORMATION questions.
You may choose which of the SPECIFIC INFORMATION questions you prefer to answer.

Once the students and faculty from the Weber School have completed their work, the students at West will take over to create the histories.

Cut and paste these questions into your family history.

What is your first name?

How old are you?

How do you feel about participating in this project?

How many people are in your family?

What is your ethnicity?

Were any of your relatives involved in the Holocaust? How did you feel when you found out your own family was involved?

Are there any Holocaust survivors in your family?

Were any family friends involved in the Holocaust?

MORE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS (personal and optional questions)

How did you feel when you first learned of the Holocaust? Does hearing about your family's involvment trouble you? Do you feel as though you are part of these events in some way?

Given your family's history, can you give a "definition' to your family? For example, a student in our classes defines her family as "Hard working."

Please describe your family before WWII. What are their names? (you may use pseudonyms) What did they do for a living? Where did they live?

How did your family react when Adolf Hitler came into power? Did they notice the loss of their rights? What happened in those years after the Nazi party came to power?

Did any of your family members go into hiding? If so, where, and with whom?

Did any of your family members enter into the camp system? Which camp? Which country? Which family member(s)?

If any of your family members were in the camp system, can you describe what conditions were like inside the camp? Can you describe daily events? Can you tell us any stories about the liberation of the camps?

Have you ever visited any of the defunct Holocaust camps as part of a museum tour group?

How did you get your knowledge of this event? Through interviews? Family stories? Something different?

How is it that your family ended up in America? Why did they decide to move here?

How was your life affected by the Holocaust? How did your family's involvement change the "definition" of your family?

How do you think Germans who disagreed with the Nazi party felt about being forced into their own actions?

How does your family feel about America's involvement in the Holocaust? Do you bear any resentment towards Americans for not becoming involved sooner?

What do you think the world would be like if the Holocaust never happened? How would that change who you are as a person?

Can you possibly imagine why this event happened?

Additionally, we'll be reading quite a bit about each other. If you need further information on your subject, such as:

  • Is there something about a family history that you didn't understand?
  • Is there something you'd like to know more about?

please pose that question in the Current Questions page. When asking a question of someone, please link to their History Page.