Here, we'd like to invite questions and answers for those of us who have shared our family histories.

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These questions are for Jordan B.
1. What was the name of Pola's brother?
2. When was Pola born? (month, day, year)
3. When was Irene born? (month, day, year)
4. When was Pola's brother born? (month, day, year)
5. When did Pola's brother die?
6. How old was Pola's brother when Frania fell in love with him?
7. How long did Israel stay in each of the concentration camps?
8. When did Pola marry Sam?
9. When did Pola and Sam move to the U.S.?
10. When did Irene get married?
11. When did Irene move to the U.S.?
12. Who was the Gestapo man that Frania worked for?
13. When did the Bienstocks move into the Ghetto?