Penina Bowman’s Biography

Penina Bowman was a Jew that was in the Holocaust along with her family. Penina was just a normal Jew living a normal life. All in tell the Holocaust came along. The Holocaust happend during World War II. Many people got put into concentration camps, while others went into hiding. Many families got split up during this time. It was one the saddest times in history. If you were a Jew, Gypsie, Homophobic, Monowits, Birkenau, or other believers you would get a letter saying that you and your family are going to get picked up in so many days, and to get ready to leave. This is what happened to Penina Bowman; in April of 1944 soldiers were sent to Penina’s home and took her whole family to concentration camp. The girls were sent to Auschwitz, and the boys were sent to Dachau. In Auschwitz, Penina’s mother died immediately while her and her sister tried to keep in touch and stay together. In Dachau her father died of typhus a week before liberation, and her brother was one of the many who survived.

Auschwitz was one of the many camps that mostly everyone went to. “Auschwitz was operated by Heinrich Himmler. Over 1.1 million Jew died, 75,000 Polish people, and some 19,000 Roma (Gypsies) were killed.” In Auschwitz there were three different parts, Auschwitz I Auschwitz II and Auschwitz III. Penina Bowman was in Auschwitz II. While she was there she realized that the people who were weak and couldn’t stand up anymore were either taken to a different camp or were killed. She didn’t want that to happen to her or her sister. “Waiting to avoid selection, her and her sister would linger near the line’s end.”(Oppenheimer).
Dachau is were her father and brother went to. Dachau was a Nazi German concentration camp. “Dachau had over 200,000 prisoners form more than 30 countries were house in Dachau of which nearly one-third was Jews.” Penina never really knew that much about the camps because just the boys in the family went there. “Dachau served as a central camp for Christian religious prisoners.