The Story of Henry Friedman

Henry Friedman was one of the Holocaust survivors. Everyone has a story of what happened to them during this time, but his story stuck out to me. Henry didn’t always live during the Nazi rule. He also had a good life his childhood was good one for him he had loving parents and his brother and sister. Henry was born in 1923, and he lived in Transylvania, but where he was known to be part of Romania. As Henry grew up life did get harder Jews didn’t get the respect that others did. When ever something would go bad they would blame the Jews. Henry’s parents were much assimilated Jews. Just because they were Jews people would break there windows and harm property.

In the year of March 19, 1944 Germany invaded where he lived. This was known as the German Invasion. During this time was when a new law was passed all the Jews must wear a yellow star. The Germans then started to import people from all over they were all being sent to concentration camps 12,000 Jews were being put in these horrible places every day. This Nazi rule was ruining peoples lives especially Henry Friedman. When Henry was 21 he was drafted to the army he father and brother where forced in to labor camps. “With the draft notice in my back pocket, and coat and backpack, I kissed my family goodbye, not knowing that he would never see them again” (Lerine). He was sent away to help build planes and tanks for the German army. This was at a big factory this factory had 100,000 people in it but just some how Henry was pointed out of all the people. One day when he was waiting in line for some hot soup he was stopped by a general. Henry had no idea why he was being stopped then the general said “Jew a part of your star in not sewn on perfect, go to my office!” As Henry walked the general followed him there they met in the office there he was beat with an iron rod that was red hot it burned right through his clothes. Henry remembers this man having a smirk on his face while he beat Henry. Not too long later he was sent to a hospital to get treatment, but while waiting the hospital was bombed! He was then sent 200 miles east to a better hospital away from the war. There he got the right treatment and they cared for him. They knew where he came from so they had to send him back. During his last night at the hospital he was able to sneak out and made a run for it. He ran for awhile a week or so but then was caught and took back to the factory.

After being back at the factory he was only there for 2 months unit the war was over. He was free now he could go home. He moved far away into the United States. Right to Atlanta Georgia also known as the ATL. He got a sponsorship to be a house painter he did that for about a year and a half then was hired to work at a private Jewish club. He then married his wife Sherry and had one son named Steven. His son was named after his brother that would never see again even though his dad and brother were killed he stilled had faith to mover on.