Andrew Gretzner
News Article
Summarizing of the Holocaust

Since the Nazi’s had been capturing the Jews and had been torturing the Jewish religion, they had to be careful with being caught. In that case “The Nazi’s blew up the gas chambers by themselves during World war II (Gera)” They did such to hide the evidence of there crimes.
Most of the World War II camps were either demolished or were made into documents or monuments, also a museum or display. Though the only camp left was Auschwitz “The site at Auschwitz had a clear picture of how the camp was built and operated (Gera)” Auschwitz had started to erode so the gas chambers were sinking into the ground.
The geologists want to find out how the Nazi’s made the gas chambers at Auschwitz. And they had little time to do so because they are eroding away or sinking into the ground. “ Anyone tampering with the Auschwitz gas chambers were tampering with the heart and soul that Auschwitz represents (Gera)” Id anything at Auschwitz brakes or erodes away than that ruins the gas chambers in Auschwitz.
Israel had a lot of information for World War II. So the people had decided to make “The Holocaust Memorial in Israel (Gera).” A lot of people would remember that Holocaust because it was in Israel, also World War II. Overall it was a good state or country to make the memorial of the Holocaust in.
In conclusion the Holocaust has a very important point in the history of the United States of America. It had many event including World War II and the Memorial of the Holocaust, the museum in Israel. The most important camp was Auschwitz because it was the only one studied throughout Germany. Remember the right of the Jewish religion.

My Family History

In 1920 my great Grandma was born in Germany. She had lived there till the age of thirteen. During those days both her parents had been sent to the camp because they had tried to help the Jews. After her Mom and Dad had been killed she moved to California. She had found my Grandpa. During those times she had made grandma. Born in 1960. She had 7 daughters and 1 son. One of those daughters got married with my dad in Lancaster California and I was born. My Great Grandpa Jon had gone to World World 2. My Great Grandma Sue would always get in fight with her daughter Linda. Sue stands to about 4ft 10 in yes I am taller then her it’s kind of cool. My Grandpa is like 6ft 6in with is really tall. Today they still stand alive but there getting there Sue is 89 and Jon is 83. My Mom grew up as a spoiled kid her Mom Linda was the Owner of a Hospital so she made a lot of money. My mom got to go to Las Angeles all the time.