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Henry Friedmans life
The holocaust was a war in Europe, if you were chosen you had to go to a concentration camps and the letter would tell you when you had to go. And during the holocaust they used the concentration camps to kill people with gas chambers.
When Henry was “21 his life become difficult he was drafted into the army.” (Freidman)
When Henry got hurt carrying the soldiers down from the mountains they told him they were taking him to the German hospital but they really took him to a cemetery to kill him but he fell unconscious and to people fell on top of him and kept him warm through the night, Then he left the cemetery and hide in a pile and Cole in the hospital. In 1950 he immigrated to America specifically Atlanta.
“Henry worked as a painter for a year and a half before being hired by the progressive club, a private Jewish social club, the club offered kinship and community that he desperately needed”. (Freidman) Then he got married to his wife sherry and they had a son and named him “Steven whom they named after his brother.” (Freidman).

Henrys brother and father were conscripted for forced labor. In the army Henry got sent to a big factory in Budapest. He worked there for two months may until July. He remembers, “There were air raids every day. I ran to the shelter, but I was told there was no room for Jews.” (Freidman) Finally when he returned home he found out that his brother got sick with typhus and was shot and he died. He went back to his old house no one was there only a stranger but there was still the same furniture from when Henry lived there. When he went back to a local hospital and saw other Jews from his town who survived.
After working at CFS for 41 years then “He retied from the industry in 1992.” “The memory of the tallit blessing has been a constant inspiration to Henry to live his life to the fullest while never forgetting his past.” (Freidman)
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