Aaron Horton
Research Paper
Lang. Arts. 2nd Hour
April 4, 2007

Eugene Schoenfeld: A Holocaust Survivor

Eugene Schoenfeld lived in Turkey during WWII. When the Nazis took over Turkey, anti-Jewish rules kicked in immediately. When the war got more serious they put Eugene in the Warsaw Ghetto. Eugene had a father, mother and sister.
The Warsaw Ghetto was the biggest of the Jewish ghettos made by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. “In the 3 years of its existence, starvation, disease and deportations to Concentration and extermination camps dropped the population of the ghetto for an estimated 450,000 to 37,000.”(Warsaw article) Only he and his father survived through the Holocaust.

Anne Franks dad is the only one who lived through the Holocaust. Eugene and his dad lived though the Holocaust. Anne Frank and her family never went to a concentration camp until 1 year before the war would be over. Eugene and his family were taken right of the bat.